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Peninsula Vallarta: A Perfect Location in Puerto Vallarta

Peninsula Vallarta is easily one of the most luxurious and well-appointed residences in which to spend your vacation or purchase a dream home in Mexico. 

peninsula vallarta:  a perfect location in puerto vallarta

Beautiful San Pancho

One of the loveliest areas of the Riviera Nayarit coastline is the small town of San Francisco, or as it is more often called by locals, San Pancho.  

beautiful san pancho

Purchasing a Home in Banderas Bay

After spending a perfect vacation in Puerto Vallarta, it’s natural to want to own a little piece of this paradise for yourself.

purchasing a home in banderas bay

A Guide to Buying Mexican Silver

One of the loveliest souvenirs of your trip to Puerto Vallarta can be a beautiful piece of silver jewelry. 

a guide to buying mexican silver

Best in Vallarta: Locals Secrets

There is no better way to experience the true flavor and feel of a city than by going where the locals go, and Puerto Vallarta is no exception. 

best in vallarta: locals secrets

A weekend in San Blas

There are many destinations around Puerto Vallarta that make for wonderful day or overnight trips and San Blas, Nayarit is no exception.  

a weekend in san blas

The History of the Mexican Hacienda

The history of the Mexican hacienda is lengthy and detailed both culturally and politically.  

the history of the mexican hacienda

Altruism in Puerto Vallarta

Altruism in Puerto Vallarta is a long and growing tradition which showcases the true community that the city has become. 

altruism in puerto vallarta

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement, Part II

As per the previous installment, creating plans for travel, volunteering, strengthening family bonds, learning new skills and establishing new social circles are all positive ways in which one can ease the transition from career to retirement.  In the final part of our series, Luxury Beach offers five further suggestions for emotionally, financially and physically preparing for your golden years.

top 10 ways to prepare for retirement, part ii

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement, Part I

Throughout one’s career, many hours are dedicated to dreaming about finally stepping away from the routine of a nine-to-five job and into the freedom of retirement.  But commonly, the actual transition from a working life into retirement can be emotionally challenging and it is often a struggle to find a post-career identity. 

top 10 ways to prepare for retirement, part i

Travel Tips for New Parents

For many new parents, the thought of traveling with their new baby is daunting.  But with proper preparation, your little one can become a world class, world traveler. 

travel tips for new parents

Best around Vallarta: People Watching

Guide books are full of must-see attractions but perhaps there is no better way to get to know the feel of a city than to spend an afternoon people watching.

best around vallarta: people watching

Best in Vallarta: Romantic Restaurants

Puerto Vallarta is one of the world’s most romantic destinations and with excellent reason. 

best in vallarta:  romantic restaurants

Cooks Corner: Rosca de Reyes

On January 6th, Mexicans celebrate Dia del Reyes, or Day of Kings, which commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men to the cradle of baby Jesus. 

cooks corner:  rosca de reyes

The Art of the Catch: Sport Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has long been one of the premier sport fishing destinations in the world.  

the art of the catch:  sport fishing in puerto vallarta

Daytrip Destinations in the Puerto Vallarta Area

Surrounding Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are several charming destinations that make ideal daytrips and are perfect for exploring further into Mexican culture, heritage and beautiful scenery.

daytrip destinations in the puerto vallarta area

Hot Home Decor Trends for 2012

Some of the hottest trends in home furnishing for 2012 are the perfect compliment to Puerto Vallarta living.  Whether refreshing your existing interior design scheme or furnishing a new home from top to bottom, these hot trends will help you create a comfortable and stylish Puerto Vallarta residence.

hot home decor trends for 2012

Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit: Dream Wedding Destinations

Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are ideal locales for planning your dream destination wedding.  

puerto vallarta and riviera nayarit:  dream wedding destinations

Christmas in Mexico: A Celebration of Tradition

While Santa Claus can be found the more exclusive shopping malls of Mexico, Mexican Christmas celebrations are mainly centered on Christian based traditions which have been celebrated since its Colonial period.

christmas in mexico: a celebration of tradition

Luxury Shopping in Banderas Bay

Once known as a destination for t-shirts, key chains and other mass-produced tourist knickknacks, the luxury market is thriving in Mexico and the Banderas Bay area has become a shopping mecca for even experienced fashionistas.

luxury shopping in banderas bay
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