For purposes of this Privacy Notice BAHIAS DE LUJO REALTY S. DE R.L. DE CV known as LUXURY BEACH (hereinafter "AGENCY") domiciled at PENINSULA PLAZA located at F-2, FRANCISCO MEDINA ASCENCIO, 2485, HOTEL ZONE, PUERTO VALLARTA, JALISCO, CP 48333, MEXICO, is responsible for the collection, dissemination, storage, use, handling, use, transfer and / or disposal of personal data (hereinafter the "data") may be sought by the owners, prospects and / or customers (hereinafter the "Holders").


The personal data collected by The AGENCY includes but is not limited to: name, address for service, email, nationality, telephone number, occupation, name of spouse, RFC, a copy of the title deed, deeds of powers of attorney, proxy names, names of beneficiaries and address. Your personal information is collected for the purpose of promoting the sale, rent or management of a property or business. The AGENCY SHALL not distribute or use personal data except to verify that the licensee is the owner of the property or has the attributes promoted for commercialization and transfer of title. Data transmitted is:

In case of a sale of the property, The AGENCY may disclose personal data to a notary public and / or escrow company or to the buyer and/or their agent, in order to carry out the transfer of ownership, when it is present. Also the actual selling price will be used for statistical purposes.

In the case of rental, THE AGENCY may disclose personal data between owner, renter and /or their agent.


The AGENCY policy is not to request any information under the Act that is defined as sensitive information such as religious, political, sexual. If you provide sensitive information, the AGENCY will treat and safeguard in terms of the Act


The data collected are intended to (i) promote the sale or rental of property among the active members of the association Nayarit Riviera AMPI, AMPI Compostela and Vallarta, and the general public (ii) in case any interested party wishes to acquire or rent the property of the owner, The Agency may provide specific data to another party, for the purpose of generating a sale and purchase or rental agreement, such as deed number, deed date, name (s) of the legal owners, address for service, legal description of the property, public record data (iii) the purchase, sale or rental price of the property, the size and the general area where this property is located will be used for statistical purposes only, (iv) to request public record information and commercial property to validate the information that you provide about the property, (v) to contact you either via email or telephone to inform you about the process of property income to the regional real estate market and if so, (vii) to provide and request information from the notary public to carry out the process of the deed, (viii) to provide and request information of any trustee and / or custodian. Likewise, the personal data may also be used to meet legal requirements authorities.

The Agency is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data you have been provided, neither has verified, but only receives, records and preserves. You further represent and confirm that you have the consent of those people of which also provides personal information, such as they are, spouse (or), dependents, relatives, professional references, among others.


It should be noted that under the Act there are cases in which consent is not required for the processing of their personal data, and therefore the lack of it or if negative, does not preclude or prevent the AGENCY to treat ( personal data) in terms of the law and other regulations that may apply.


Personal data of the Holder will be treated in the strictest confidentiality. The AGENCY shall endeavour in its policies and internal security procedures to prevent possible illegal disclosure of data and limiting its use to set out in this Privacy Notice.

You may stop receiving promotional messages by cell phone or by following the steps outlined for the exercise of ARCO rights.

You can also stop receiving mail and advertising mail following the steps outlined for the exercise of ARCO rights.


At any time you or your legal representative duly authorized, may exercise the right of access to personal data that we have and the details of the treatment of them also have the right to correct them when they feel are incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete. Cancel if deemed not required for any of the purposes outlined in this privacy notice, are being used for purposes not consented, not treated properly or has completed the service relationship, and if you do not want your data to be processed for specific purposes.

To exercise your ARCO rights, you must submit your request to our data protection team, who are responsible for the process, in any of the following ways:

The request must contain the following information: (i) Name of the Holder, (ii) address and email address to notify you the answer to your request, (iii) a clear and precise description of the data on which it seeks to exercise corresponding law, (iv) the purpose of the request, (v) any element that facilitates the location of the data, and must attach a copy of your ID, and if the document through which legal representation is proved.

The response time of your application is 20 working days from the day of receipt of the request for access, rectification, cancellation and opposition concerned. The answer will be communicated within the above email address provided on your application or sending a letter to the address provided herein. Upon receipt of such notice shall within 15 working days to make it effective if appropriate.


Your personal data may be transferred to and processed in and outside the country, in terms of Section VII of Article 37 of the Law, as well as by persons other than the company, either domestic or foreign, such as trust companies and/or depository, if necessary for the fulfillment of obligations by reason of the business relationship with the AGENCY. In that sense, your information may be shared with Public Offices, banking institutions, fiduciary, depositary in order to carry out the transfer of ownership by the sale or for the the rental of the property.

It is important to know, that transfers of data to any third party by BAHIAS DE LUJO REALTY S. DE RL DE CV known as LUXURY BEACH, means the receiving party of the personal data has the same obligations and responsibilities that we as the AGENCY for their data, and that this Privacy Policy will be communicated to the third party.

If you do not object to the transfer of data to third parties, it shall be deemed to have been given your consent.

If you do not consent to your personal data be transferred in the terms set out in this privacy notice, you may at any time revoke the consent granted to us for the treatment of your personal data. This must apply to the above terms for the exercise of ARCO rights. The procedure is the same as that provided for the exercise of ARCO rights. In case of your data from your application stop being treated BAHIAS DE LUJO REALTY S. DE R.L. DE C.V. known as LUXURY BEACH.


We reserve the right to make changes or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time in order to meet new legislation and internal policy changes BAHIAS DE LUJO REALTY S. DE RL DE CV known as LUXURY BEACH. These changes shall be available to the public through the following means:

  1. Internal Memorandum.
  2. By the last E-mail provided, we will personally send.
  3. And through advertisements in the visible place in the offices of the AGENCY.

If they come near to modify the purposes for which personal data are treated, if necessary will be requested again either consent or acquiescence response to the particular case.


The Holder states that (i) this notice has been issued by the Responsible and (ii) you have read, understood and agreed to the terms set out in this Notice, which gives its consent to the processing of your Personal Data.




Name: Lawrence Scott Taylor