This is an expedition North of Puerto Vallarta, deep into the state of Nayarit, the mystical place that bore the missionaries that settled San Francisco and San Diego in the state of California.


You'll head Northeast, into the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range, climbing to 3,000 feet above sea level, where you'll find the historic and majestic city of Compostela.


After you will visit their Cali-Huey (temple), while they present you with their splendid music and dance. You will have the opportunity to take photographs of their rituals and traditional costumes, and buy highly sought-after authentic Huichol handcrafts.


After this fascinating encounter, you 'll head back to the capital city of Tepic, where you 'll eat a delicious 3-course Mexican Lunch at a local hotel restaurant.  Then it's back to Puerto Vallarta, the end of a truly introspective look at the native cultures of the Huicholes of Nayarit.


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Art Galleries


Artists from around the world gravitate to Puerto Vallarta´s beauty, for insperation in their works of art, jewelery, sculpture, writing, the list is endless.

Here is a current list of the galleries in Puerto Vallarta

Quadro Galeria

Olas Altas 509 - Zona Romantica

Sergio Bustamante

Paseo Diaz Ordaz 542 - Centro

Galería Vallarta

Juarez 263  - Centro

Galeria de Olla

Corona 176 - Centro 

The Loft Galery

Corona 176 - A - Cento

Galeria Corona

Conona 164 - Centro

Galeria Emociones

Morelos 586 - Centro

Galeria Pacifico

Aldama 174 2nd floor - Centro 


Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez 155 - Centro

Corsica Art gallery

Leona Vicario 230 - Centro 

Galeria des Artistes

Leona Vicario 248  - Centro

Galeria Omar Alonso

Leona Vicario 248 - Centro


Banderas Bay

Puerto Vallarta offers great shopping opportunities. From silver to blown glass, pottery to clothing, all kinds of art, crafts and everything in between.

Enjoy what the city has to offer while admiring its architectural beauty. Strolling along the different shopping areas is the best way to get acquainted with this charming town and the surrounding area.

Excellent shops are scattered throughout. Some are near the beach, some in major hotels and many are located in the main downtown shopping area along Juárez and Morelos Streets. Most stores open from 10:00AM to 8:00PM and close from 2:00 to 4:00PM for lunch.


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Cultural Events

Puerto Vallarta, being an international melting pot for tourists and locals alike, share an unlikely cultural blend of Mexican holidays with other holidays such as 4th of July, and Canada Day.

Yearly events encompass a wide variety of interests, including Mariachi, Fine Arts, Gourmet Festivals, as well as  Golf, Fishing, and Surf Tournaments.