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Get married in paradise. Get married in Puerto Vallarta!  Enjoy the romantic sunsets, say I Do on our beaches, and spend the most unforgettable days of your life here.

Documents required by Mexican Law & the Civil office in the State of Jalisco (you must present the originals, so make two copies of every document):

Application for Wedding License,  Application must be fully completed, with witness names and all spouse and family information.

Birth certificates with apostilles*. Official copies of your birth certificates which have been apostilized by the Mexican consulate in your home country will first need to be sent to us 3 months before your wedding date. You must also bring the originals with you to Mexico.

Photocopies and originals of the couple´s valid tourist cards (FMTs)/visas and valid passports. If you do not have a passport, your apostilized birth certificate and a valid driver’s license [with photo] will be enough.

Death certificate of spouse, if applicable, with apostille*. If you are widowed, one full year must elapse from date of the death of previous spouse and a certified copy of spouse’s death certificate must be presented.

Divorce papers, if applicable, with apostille*. If you are divorced, one full year must elapse from date of the divorce from the previous spouse, and the final dissolution of marriage must be verified with a certified copy of the divorce decree.

A blood test must be taken once you arrive in Puerto Vallarta [These tests must be taken no more than 14 days before wedding date.] Tests must include STDs, blood type, and Rh factor. HIV testing is optional. If you go in early in the day, the tests will usually be ready the same afternoon.

Four witnesses, age 18 or older. They can be either Mexican or foreign citizens, as long as they bring valid identification (passport or, in the case of Mexican citizen, ife card) However, if the witnesses are foreign, they must bring the original as well as copies of their valid tourist card/visa. The parents of the couple may not serve as witnesses to the marriage. Fulfilling these requirements (excepting the Apostille) will take you about 2 to 4 days. You will need to apply for the Apostille in your country of origin. This can be a lengthy process, so we recommend you start the apostille procedure as early as possible.

*All of these documents must have an apostille in order for the Civil Register Office to consider them valid and legal.

The apostille must be acquired from the Secretary of State’s Office in the state where you were born. Canadians must have these documents certified at the Mexican Consulate’s Office in Canada. The marriage cannot be celebrated without fulfilling these requirements.

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puerto vallarta

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They can combine black and white and color photos and can also provide both analog and digital formats.

In Puerto Vallarta, romantic trios and mariachis are popular choices for the music for the ceremony or cocktail area, however there are other options too, such as string quartets, soloists, flamenco artists, harpist, pianist and live versatile groups.

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