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Mexico´s Independence Day

September 10, 2014September 08, 2014
Mexico´s Independence Day celebrations are coming up. Don´t miss the opportunity to escape the routine and enjoy the long September 15th weekend.

In commemoration of Mexico´s struggle for independence the nation officially comes to a joyful stop.
Independence Day is Celebrated with a colorful display of traditional parades, fireworks and the obligatory ¨ El Grito de Independecia¨ in all government palaces and plazas.

Puerto Vallarta joins in the festivities with celebrations in the streets, in homes and on the Malecon.
You´ll see the colors of green, white and red in all directions; the quintessential Mexican flag waving from all establishments, as well as images of the heroes Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Maria Morelos and Doña Josefa

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The city´s main parade is held downtown, with participation by various schools, institutions and businesses. It is an officially scheduled event.
And of course the most anticipated moment falls on September 15th : El Grito de indepenencia (the cry of independence), given by the mayor at midnight. Everything concludes with an evening of fireworks on the boardwalk with is spectacular ocean views

The atmosphere becomes very pleasant, with music from the various bars, restaurants and clubs into the evening. it´s a fun party ambiance in beautiful setting!

Visit us and celebrate Mexico´s Independece in Puerto Vallarta; in you´ve already experienced it then you know how amazing it is, If not then you´ll love it!